FAQ: Watertesting your SLXtreme 7 iPhone Case March 10 2017

One of the SLXtreme 7’s main features is its IP-68 rating for water and dust protection. But, before you start bringing your phone out into the water, you are going to have to perform a water test on your phone case. This is to ensure that your case is watertight.

What are you going to need for this test?

  • An unpackaged SLXtreme 7 iPhone case (also works for previous SLXtreme models)
  • A fillable sink
  • A mug, or other weighted object
  • A napkin, or other paper product


First, fill your sink until it is at least high enough that you can fully submerge your phone case when placed horizontally. Then, with your newly unpackaged SLXtreme 7 iPhone case, you are going to unhook the two side latches to open your case.

Then, you should place a napkin or other paper product into the phone case, as shown in the picture below.

Now, close the case and place it facing down in a completely filled sink. Place the mug, or other weighted object on top of the phone case so that it is weighed down. Leave the case sitting for fifteen minutes.

After the fifteen minutes have elapsed, remove the case from the sink, and remove the napkin, or other paper product, from the case. The napkin should be dry to have passed the water testing. If not, please contact customer support at support@SnowLizardProducts.com