SLXtreme iPhone 6 Micro-SD & GPS NAV Case on Kickstarter



This is where it all started. Three years ago you backed our vision to make the World’s first WATERPROOF, RUGGED, BATTERY BOOSTING & SOLAR POWERED iPhone Case.

The Kickstarter community supported us before anyone else even knew we existed and you blew us away with your support and pledges. With your help, we’re determined to take you further on your adventures. 

Your support has made Snow Lizard what it is today and we’re back to give the Kickstarter community an opportunity to propel our vision for tech in the outdoors.


Just when you thought our SLXtreme cases couldn't offer any more features, with your support, we’d like to offer two innovative and fully integrated solutions.

Our SLXtreme line is already the World’s first and only Waterproof, Rugged, Battery Boosting and Solar Powered iPhone case, and now, we want to add the following:

1. Dedicated Satellite GPS for completely off grid adventures that take you beyond cell tower and Wi-Fi reception.   

2. Expandable memory that you can customize with any Micro-SD card to save, store, and share unlimited photos and videos of your Extreme Lifestyle. 

Can you imagine being powered and protected from all elements while on any adventure with the freedom to take unlimited photos and videos?

Or going completely off grid while still being able to track your journey with dedicated Satellite GPS.

It was never possible…..until now.

SLXtreme 6 Nav 

The Navigator Series takes it up a big notch with a Bad Elf™ GPS + GLONASS receiver chip embedded right inside the case. Now adding worldwide location support to your iPhone without internet connection or a monthly subscription fee! The SLXtreme 6 NAV, powered by Bad Elf, provides faster, more accurate satellite positioning even when away from cell towers; up in the sky, out in the woods, or at sea. 

We have partnered with Bad Elf to produce not only a waterproof case but the highest accuracy GPS on the market to match your active lifestyle. Whether you are hiking, boating, skiing, or flying your own plane, the SLSXtreme 6 NAV, powered by Bad Elf, is the perfect accessory

When you load your iPhone into our SLXtreme 6 NAV case and launch our SnowLizard app, it'll locate you in seconds. Once connected, open any of over 100 of the most popular apps to begin tracking and navigating through your adventure. 

SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD 

The SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD case features a removable Micro-SD card for your iPhone to be able to save, store, and share all your life’s Adventures. 

When you load your iPhone into our SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD case and launch our SnowLizard app, it reads the micro-SD card. You can then use our SnowLizard app to manage and browse through your files or transfer data between your device and your Micro-SD card.

The SLXtreme 6 Micro-SD takes is up a notch with expandable memory up to 128GB. Swap cards on the go or empty onto your computer for memory on the go.


Here are the color options for the SLXtreme SD & NAV cases. After your pledge for either the SLXtreme 6 SD or SLXtreme 6 NAV case, our SnowLizard Support Team will send you an email to choose your case color.


Designed and built to meet or exceed the U.S. Military Test Standards to withstand a wide range of conditions including the following: Low Pressure High/Low Temperatures Temperature Shock Shock, Falls from up to 2m/6.6ft. Wind-Blown and Freezing Rain Humidity Fungus Rust-Resistance Sand/Dust Exposure


This is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust. The number 6 is the Highest Rating for protection from solid particles, like dirt, sand, dust and debris. The 8 is the Highest Waterproof Rating for depths up to 2m/6.6ft. for up to thirty minutes.


Integrated 3000 mAh battery with integrated lightning connector and Micro USB recharging port. Press and hold charger button to extend iPhone power by more than 150%. 


*extended times vary by iPhone model and other variables. 


23% efficient mono-crystalline rear solar panel. Activate in full sunlight or even indoor lighting (LED / incandescent) to trickle charge and replenish battery power in the case’s integrated battery when no power source is available. 1 Hour Sun exposure = approximately 10 minutes or so talk time restored to iPhone from case charge.


Full Functionality

Full touchscreen access to call, text, capture your amazing photos/videos and share while your iPhone is powered and protected in the case. 

Whether you’re skiing a black diamond slope, fly fishing at your favorite lake, snorkeling an epic reef or kicking it back poolside, the SLXtreme can take your iPhone to places where no iPhone has gone before.

Thoughtful Extras

  • Bottom-loaded, double-locking Nickel-Alloy safety latches.
  • Integrated carabiner loop so you can secure it to your backpack or favorite lanyard.
  • Rubberized side grips to make it easier to hold when wet or dirty. 
  • Incredibly easy to slide your iPhone in and out of the case without compromising its waterproof, rugged integrity.
  • We stayed away from conductive materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, though we think they are very cool, they also reduce reception.


Snow Lizard Products was formed to create mobile accessories that Protect, Power and Enhance the usability of portable smart devices in the great outdoors. Our phones have become a part of our daily lives which make them susceptible to water damage, drops and, running out of power and space when you need them most. SnowLizard has always believed that the consumer should be able to take charge of their next adventure.

We launched our first campaign through Kickstarter with overwhelming support starting with the SLXtreme 4 (Aqua Tek S) which was the World’s first and only WATERPROOF, RUGGED, BATTERY BOOSTING & SOLAR POWERED iPhone Case. That success propelled our company to expand the SLXtreme line to include the iPhone 5/5s, iPad 4 and iPhone 6 (currently in production).

Evolution of the SLXtreme Case
Evolution of the SLXtreme Case

Technical Specifications: