Packing for a Hike With the SLXtreme 7 May 18 2017

I can't go anywhere without my smartphone. It's even part of my life when I'm outside: I can use it as a GPS, to make maps, to mark my favorite hiking or fishing or photo spots, or even use it to call for help or tell the wife I'm going to spend a few extra hours in the tree stand. And there's nothing better than having a hi-def camera in my pocket when it's time to document my latest hike, catch, or that dumb but funny thing my buddy is about to do in the river. 

There's just one problem: Losing all that functionality when I drop my phone or dunk it in the water... or admitting what happened when it's time to pay for the repair. That's why I started using the SLXtreme 7 every time I hike or go outdoors. I like knowing that my phone is safe inside a waterproof, ruggedized case like this that can save it from anything my outdoor playground throws at it -- including an unexpected swim.

The SLXtreme 7 also saves me space and weight in my pack. Now that I don't have to worry about losing my navigation or communication device to sudden damage, I  don't have to worry about bringing along a separate GPS along. And the integrated battery and solar charger mean there's no digging for charger cables or external battery packs when I pack fro my next hike. I can charge the phone and battery anywhere that you have direct sunlight, then draw on the battery to keep my phone working, even when I'm miles away from the nearest electrical outlet. Who knows? This tough case might even save my life someday.