In the News, Continued

Dec 2013 Popular Mechanics  “Snowmobile Gear to Keep you Riding Happy”
July 2013 Tree Hugger “10 best gadgets to have on a camping trip.”
Guys Gab
"These cases offer ultra-rugged, waterproof protection and battery-boosting technology that make them perfect for the outdoors enthusiasts."
Gun Trade World "The SLXtreme and other Snow Lizard products have widespread application in the outdoors – from biking and hiking, to hunting and shooting."
June 2013 AmmoLand "Otis Technology is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Snow Lizard Products."
May 2013 CNET

"What's the closest you've ever come to the end? This is my store and the SLX Extreme Snow Lizard case that kept me safe."

March 2013 American Hunter "Snow Lizard set out to make a case that's designed for the most extreme outdoorsmen and women in the industry—and in that sense, the company succeeded wholeheartedly."
May 2012 "Locally-made, 'rugged' products targeted to outdoor enthusiasts"
April 2012 Bit Rebels "One of the few cases that will really keep your iPhone completely safe without getting scratched if you are out in the wilderness, climbing mountains, river paddling, cow jumping or bear boxing (or any other activity you might find fun during your vacation hike in the woods)."
 February 2012 iphoneappcafe "Whether you’re skiing a black diamond slope, fly fishing at your favourite lake, snorkelling an epic reef or kicking it back poolside, the case provides rugged protection in any environment."
Stuff "This case will make your wimpy iPhone tougher than a level 99 elder dragon covered in adamantium scales".
inhabitat "Calling all iPhone lovers! Snow Lizard just launched their uber-rugged iPhone 4/4S AQUA TEK S case and it’s the world’s first waterproof, solar-charged, battery-powered case."
ZDNet "AQUA TEK S: RoboCop’s iPhone case (also, Q&A from Steve, Check it out)."
Mobile Magazine ”We ‎let you know whenever an awesome case is introduced” “against water as well as drops, falls, scratches, thumps and accidental spills”
Tree Hugger "made for people who take their phones into more extreme situations"
Ubergizmo  "suit folks who lead rugged lifestyles"
Geek "This bad boy will keep your iPhone protected"
SlashGear "first of its kind “ruggedized,” waterproof, and solar powered battery booster case."
Geeky gadgets “provide your iPhone with the best possible protection”
MTV Geek "Snow Lizard Products recently revealed a new iPhone case that will make your Otter Box seem as wimpy as Super Mario in need of his mushroom fix."
Cult of Mac "With This Rugged Case, Your iPhone Could Go Camping Alone"
Sneakhype "If there’s a more rugged phone case out there then this one, I haven’t seen it."
Engadget "make your Otterbox case look like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable."
Technabob "Aqua Tek S Rugged iPhone Case Laughs in the Face of the Great Outdoors"
the Bro "Check out this case that puts the Otterbox to shame."
The Alternative Consumer "This is the perfect iPhone case for off-grid outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, snorkeling, skiing and spelunking (charge it before entering your favorite cave)."