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Introducing the all new SLXtreme 5! The world's only WATERPROOF, BATTERY, RUGGED, SOLAR POWERED iPhone 5/5S Case. 


Night Black cases are on a 4-6 week backorder.

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Featuring ruggedized waterproof protection & even more built-in battery-boosting power with an integrated 2550 mAh battery to extend your iPhone’s charge by more than 150%. It also includes a built in solar panel for emergency charging when you're away from a power source. Jam to your tunes in even the wettest environment with a 3.5mm audio jack. 


The SLX is designed for ease of use and allows you to easily slide your iPhone 5 in and out of the ultra rugged polycarbonate case. Certified with a MIL SPEC 810G rating to protect your phone from 6ft. (2m) falls, dust and sand and a waterproof rating of IP-68 for up to 6 ft. (2m) depths. The most rugged, waterproof, battery-extending protection you will ever find for your iPhone5. The quick release latch makes it easy for you to quickly slide the phone into the case to ensure your protected.



Certified with a MIL SPEC 810G rating, the tough polycarbonate case will ensure your phone withstands any bumps or drops from up to two meters.


Rated at IP-68 with an operational depth of two meters, you can take SLXtreme anywhere you need to go!


The integrated 2,550 mAh battery in the SLXtreme 5 case will easily double the life of your iPhone. But that’s not all! The solar panel on the back will offer a trickle charge when you can’t get to an outlet. You’ll never have to worry about missing that perfect moment because of a dead phone!


Check out our videos to get some great tips on how to care for your case and to see just how capable the SLXtreme 5 truly is!

  • Height- 151mm
  • Width- 70.5mm
  • Depth- 24.8mm
  • Weight- 150g
  • Headphone- 3.5mm audio jack
  • Compatibility- iPhone 5/5s

Awesome case!!!

If you need a tough go anywhere do anything case like I do, this is the one. I work on a remote island and am always getting wet or dirty. This case is a tank, big and bulky but built to last. Also takes really cool underwater pics and videos. Plus the cool mounts that are available, I'm looking forward to taking it snowboarding. No other rugged waterproof case out there feels and looks this good and brings such awesome perks with it. Having the battery is awesome guarantees your phone won't be dead at the end of the day plus the ability to solar charge it when I'm out in the boat and need at send a quick text is genius. Thank you snowlizard, keep up the great work!!!

Esli K.

The wait is too much!

I recently ordered an iPhone 5s and am going hiking soon... without this case! It definitely has great tech specs and everything I am looking for in a case for the outdoor explorer :) Hopefully we all don't have to wait too much longer for this gem of a case.

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Dazzled b'Vaporware

This is the most awesome case ever!

This case is the most awesome creation for the iPhone yet. I can imagine it protecting my iPhone 5 right now. I look at my iPhone on a daily basis and see all the bad things that can happen to it that this case could prevent - dust, shock, submersion, bird droppings, you name it. This case could theoretically handle any of it, or all of it at once. The idea of this case holding my cherished iPhone snugly and securely, while charging it and extending its battery life by more than 100 theoretical percent? WIN!

And when this case condenses from the vaporsphere and becomes real? PHREEEEEOW it will blow your entire reality. It will be better than sex on angel dust. It will transport you out of the Matrix, and then back in JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT.

Of course, between now and then, it would be nice to see some commentary indicating that it's actually, you know, still under development. And maybe that it has a definitive release date.

  • 5 out of 8 people found this review useful.

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Introducing the all new SLXtreme 5! The world's only WATERPROOF, BATTERY, RUGGED, SOLAR POWERED iPhone 5/5S Case. 


Night Black cases are on a 4-6 week backorder.

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