September 1, 2021

Setting Parental Controls on iPad or iPhone

Nowadays, smartphones are omnipresent in every child's hands. However, this also means that parents need to be extra cautious about their kids' access to those devices.

Giving a smartphone to your children can offer certain benefits. For instance, it can give them easy access to contact you whenever you aren't around.

However, it'd also give them access to apps or content that aren't appropriate for children. And so, it is critical to enable parental controls or set certain restrictions on your kid's iPhones or iPad.

In this article, we'll cover everything on parental controls and how you can set them up on your kids' iPhones or iPad. So, let's get the ball rolling!

Parental Controls on iPad or iPhone: What Are They?

Parental Controls are essentially restrictions that Apple offers so parents can get some peace of mind. By setting up parental controls, you can manage which content, apps, and features your children can't and can access on their devices.

Most of these restrictions on Apple smart devices fall under the handy tool called Screen Time. It lets you prevent access to specific content types, apps, device functions (like in-app purchases or deleting apps), and more.

There are various ways you to set up Screen Time on iPad or iPhone. Once it's activated, you'll gain access to a myriad of parental controls along with reports. Through this guide, we'll provide you with all the main ways on how you can set everything up. So, keep on reading to learn more.

Activating Your Kid's iPhone Screen Time Directly

You can enable parental controls by activating Screen Time directly from your Kid's iPhone device. It's also the quickest way to monitor your child's activities on the phone without setting up the Family Sharing feature. You can also use these steps to set content and privacy restrictions.

Here's how you can activate Screen Time from your kid's device directly:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your kid's phone
  2. Click on Screen Time
  3. Choose Continue
  4. Next, you'll get two options: This is My (Device) and This is My Child's (Device)
  5. Choose the latter
  6. Next, you can even set downtime as well as app limits by following the in-app guide under Screen Time
  7. Finally, you'll be asked to create a passcode and confirm the passcode by re-entering it
  8. If the device is iOS 13.4 or above, you'll also have to enter your Apple password and ID. You can use this to reset your passcode for Screen Time in case you forget it
  9. Finally, click on Content & Privacy Restrictions. Enter your passcode if prompted and then activate Content 7 Privacy

Activating Screen Time Via Family Sharing

You can also activate Screen Time using Family Sharing. Apple's Family Sharing allows you to share purchases, content, and storage across five other Apple ID accounts and iOS devices. That means a total of six people can share everything without sharing accounts. The person that activates Family Sharing is the Organizer, and they can either remove or add people.

Here's how you can activate Screen Time via Family Sharing:

  1. On the Organizer's device, navigate to settings
  2. Select Screen Time
  3. Select your kid's name
  4. Next, turn on Screen Time
  5. Set downtime or app limits if you wish by following the in-app guide under the bottom section of Screen Time

Prevent Your Kid From Making In-App Purchases

When you give your child a smartphone, you must make sure there's no way for them to perform in-app purchases.

Fortunately, Apple has a solution – Ask to Buy. You can set up this feature for anyone under 18. If your kid is under 13, it's automatically enabled.

When you enable Ask to Buy, it pings the Organizer's device about the price and name of any media or app the child wants to purchase. This way, you can either deny or approve the request.

To activate Ask to Buy, here's what you can do:

  1. Turn on Family Sharing and add your kid's iPhones
  2. Open settings from the Organizer's phone
  3. Select your name
  4. Select Family Sharing
  5. Choose your kid's name
  6. Activate Ask to Buy

In addition, you can even limit in-app purchases directly from your kid's iPhone or iPad. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Settings on your kid's phone
  2. Select Screen Time
  3. Choose the content and privacy restriction option. Enter your passcode if prompted
  4. Next, select iTunes & App Store Purchases
  5. Tap on In-app Purchases
  6. Finally, choose Don't Allow

You can also use these steps to prevent your kid from installing or deleting applications.

Final Say

In today's modern world, where almost every child is a techie, smartphones make for a great gift. But, if you give your kid an iPhone or iPad, setting up certain restrictions or parental controls on their devices is critical.

In doing so, you can prevent your kids from consuming inappropriate content, using specific apps, making unwanted in-app purchases.

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