Explore These Snorkeling Paradises September 29 2014

Snorkeling provides an excellent and accessible opportunity to explore a whole other world. From ancient shipwrecks to gleaming coral reefs, there are a wide variety of aquatic adventures just waiting to be started. Consider these one-of-a-kind destinations.
The Red Sea, Egypt
While it may not come to mind when one thinks of aquatic activities, Egypt’s adjacent Red Sea is regularly ranked among the world’s best locations. It offers hundreds of miles of coral, abundant sea life, and warm, crystal-clear waters. While any time of the year is good to visit, winter is especially popular, since the climate is a bit more temperate. Great places to dive include The Blue Hole, El Minya, Small Giftun Island, Tiran Strait, and Ras Muhammed National Park
Great Barrier Reef, Australia
No list of this kind can be complete without the world’s largest coral reef. Stretching over 1,400 miles along northeaster Australia, it comprises over 4,000 distinct reefs, cays, and islands – enough room to be seen in space! Its sheer size, combined with its estimated 1,500 fish species and 1,500 shipwrecks, leaves ample opportunity for exploration. While you could no doubt spend a lifetime discovering all there is, some highlights include Osprey Reef, Blow Hole, Cathedral, and the S.S. Yongala wreck. Enjoy maximum visibility during the summer season (June through August), though this reef is great for much of the year.
Cozumel, Mexico
A favored location by the great maritime explore Jacques Cousteau, Cozumel has for decades been the world’s top diving destination. Its 600-mile long Maya Reef has everything needed for an optimal diving experience, including deep caverns, wrecks, colorful reefs and marine life, and more. Because of its popularity, it has great support infrastructure, with over 100 professional operators to choose from and a variety of neat adventures, such as night dives and photography dives. Don’t miss such sights as the Felipe Xicotencatl wreck, Maracaibo Reef, Santa Rosa Wall, and Tormentos Reef.
With its long coastline and numerous islands, Thailand as a whole offers amazing snorkeling opportunities. The top choices include Mu Koh Similan National Marine Park, identified by Fodor’s as an “underwater playground” teeming with abundant coral and rare marine life. Other great sites include the Similan Islands, Surin Islands, and Koh Phi Phi, each of which are beautiful to explore outside the water too. Another plus is the rather common appearance of whale sharks, gentle giants whose encounters are breathtaking.
Synonymous with tropical splendor, Hawaii excels in snorkeling opportunities. This is due in large part to its relative isolation, which has lead to the existence of marine life found nowhere else in the world. Few things are more memorable than encountering one-of-a-kind wildlife. The Big Island is especially popular for its opportunity to swim at night with manta rays. Other highlights include swimming along the pristine and uninhabited island of Niihau, the luminous underwater caverns of Lanai, and the hearing of whale song from December through April.
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